You Will Love Riding Breeeze Bearings

Our Mission

As we have been skating since we were young, our most significant issue with skateboarding was bearings! Throughout the years' skate bearings have improved a lot, although some problems keep reoccurring.

A lot of skaters keep riding on bearings while they are getting rusty. Because of that reason, skaters come back to buy new bearings. But with the right materials and proper maintenance, you can skate the same bearings for years!

Of course, it depends on what extreme circumstances you expose your bearings too. But commonly you should be able to ride your bearings for a couple of years, at least!

So that's why we offer superior materials for the sharpest price on the market. We want skaters to ride their bearings endlessly. 

With just adding a few drops of speed cream once in a while, you will be able to ride your bearings for a significant amount of time while they function as if they were new!