You Will Love Riding Breeeze Bearings

Six Reasons Why Skaters Love Breeeze Ceramics

Here is why Skaters are getting hooked on Breeeze Ceramics and why other bearings can not catch up to our incredible benefits.


The Bearings Spin exceptionally fast

Ceramics are rounder, lighter, and smoother than steel. This reduces friction by up to 40%! This makes the balls perfect for high speeds.

The lubricant forms a thin layer between the surface of the ceramic balls and the steel raceways. This is why our bearings ride smooth as butter.   

Once all the lubricant is washed away, the surfaces wear each other down.


You Don't Have To Buy New Bearings every few months

Steel corrodes over time, but ceramic will not. This reduces the possibility of bearings breaking.

Ceramic is harder than steel, because of this the balls seem to sort off clean the bearings from the inside. It breaks down any sand that comes into the bearings while riding them.


Less Maintenance Is Needed

Ceramic is less prone to expand due to heat, so the balls put less pressure on the steel raceways of the bearing.

The bearings are finished with a titanium coating, strengthening the corrosion resistance. A lot of bearings lose their performance due to rust.


The Ceramic Balls Can Not Rust

Ceramic has the property to not rust at all, due to this, riding your bearings in damp area's is not a problem. Many bearings begin to fail because they haven't been rolling for some time. While your not riding your board, rust can form on the inside of the bearings. If your bearings got wet and there is no lubricant in the bearing, it is susceptible to rust. It is important to keep them oiled up.


The Bearings have more stability, Due to built-in spacers & speedrings

No need for spacers and speed rings anymore. Our bearings have them built-in. Inside the wheel, the bearings fit perfectly against each other. 

Normally bearings have more space to move around inside the wheels. 


We Offer The Best Prices In The Industry

Most companies price their ceramic bearings exceptionally high. Prices can go up to $125, which is insane! We started Breeeze to combat these prices, and try to offer them for the sharpest price we can handle. We definitely succeeded and became the brand with the highest quality bearings for the sharpest price on the market, all thanks to our customers!

No more stress with bearings, most customers report to us they only have to add 1 drip of speed cream and their bearings feel as new again!